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IMPACT Marketing Kits Revised and Ready for Distribution

Foil & Specialty Effects Association

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has continued to grow its collection of case studies and supportive information on the use of foil and other specialty effects. To create a more professional look and have all of the information in one place, FSEA has created a new folder with plenty of room for FSEA members to include their current set of samples.

“Our new IMPACT Marketing Kits provide a very professional way to display our FSEA collection of articles and case studies,” said Jeff Peterson, FSEA executive director. “It provides information that can help members close the deal when discussing the advantages of foil and effects.”

Up to 10 IMPACT folders are available free to current FSEA members (shipping costs are the responsibility of the member company). Order IMPACT folders by calling 785.271.5816.

For more information, call 785.271.5816 or visit www.fsea.com.