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Foil & Specialty Effects Association Announces New Binding and Loose Leaf Division

Association Expands Member Benefits to More Postpress Service Providers

Foil & Specialty Effects Association

Topeka, Kansas -- The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has announced the formation of a new division specifically focused on binding and loose leaf processes. This new division has been developed to support bindery and loose leaf operations in the graphic arts industry.

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"As we see continued consolidation within the printing industry – and with many of our current FSEA members already involved with binding and finishing processes – this was a natural step forward for FSEA," said Jeff Peterson, executive director. "We believe many of the current benefits of the FSEA can be shared with binderies and loose leaf companies, and we plan to add benefits for members of the new division."

Benefits provided to new members of the FSEA’s Binding and Loose Leaf will include access to statistical surveys in the “Members Only” section on the FSEA website, including studies on health and benefits, spoilage and future surveys specific to binding and loose leaf providers. An email-driven community (the Binding/Loose Leaf HelpLinks) will be developed specifically for those working in binderies and loose leaf provider companies to share questions and challenges. Members of the new division also will be listed in the printed FSEA Sourcebook of Active and Associate (Supplier) members and will be included in a separate section for bindery and loose leaf services on the online sourcebook – www.FinisherFinder.com.

In addition, members of the new division will receive access to financial benefits, including the Grainger discount program, which provides discounts on all Grainger products; shipping discounts, including up to 29% on FedEx shipping and over 70% on LTL freight shipments; and Printers 401k, a collaboration of 401k specialists (powered by Diversified Financial Advisors) who assume specific fiduciary duties for member companies’ retirement plans.

For more information, a full list of benefits or to request a membership form, call the FSEA office at 785.271.5816, email jeff@fsea.com or visit www.fsea.com.

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