FSEA Forms Digital Embellishment Alliance

Foil & Specialty Effects Association Announces Alliance to Create Opportunities
Surrounding the Growth of Digital Print Decorating Markets

Topeka, Kansas — The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has announced the formation of the Digital Embellishment Alliance (DEA) – a community developed to create educational and communication opportunities directed to the growing digital embellishment segment of the printing industry.

“We are excited to welcome the Digital Embellishment Alliance as part of our mission under FSEA,” stated Jeff Peterson, FSEA Executive Director. “We believe by having a focused Advisory Committee in the area of digital embellishments, we can create educational programming and membership benefits specific to this growing segment of the print and packaging industry as more designers, commercial printers and print finishers utilize digital enhancement processes to add value to their print projects.”

The DEA will provide targeted benefits related to accelerating the mainstream adoption of digital embellishment technologies. This will include programming for this specialized area at FSEA events – such as the recently introduced Amplify Print event and other FSEA conferences and meetings – standardization initiatives, designer outreach, trend analysis and brand education.

“In the world of digital print embellishments, we see a market that is on the cusp of going mainstream but still suffers from an awareness issue at the brand and designer level,” explained Gene Petrie, chair of the FSEA Board of Directors. “A key aim of the DEA is to help users and manufacturers educate their customers and increase understanding of how these digital embellishment technologies can help brands increase their print ROI.”

A website will provide information and resources dedicated to the Alliance and its mission. DEA members also will have access to tangible benefits offered by FSEA, including the FSEA Grainger Discount Program, which can save members thousands of dollars on commonly used supplies and equipment; shipping discounts through Partnership®; and a DEA HelpLinks email community, where members can ask technical questions to others involved with digital embellishment technology.

Membership applications for the Digital Embellishment Alliance will open soon. For more information, contact Jeff Peterson at [email protected] or call 785.271.5816.

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