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Wipfli | Year-end tax Planning

What are the broader qualifying factors for the R&D tax credit?

Many manufacturers think the R&D tax credit is limited to new product development, but the tax credit is applicable to activities that are much broader and are common within many plastics processing plants.

What are the cybersecurity threats on the factory floor?

Why should manufacturing companies worry about cybersecurity threats? What are the areas that are vulnerable to attack?

SMART Factory Strategies: IoT, Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation for Manufacturers
What you need to know how to remain competitive and protected

Manufacturers today have entered a new phase – the 4th Industrial Revolution.
This transition focuses heavily on real-time data, embedded sensors, connectivity and machine learning.

As Industry 4.0 continues to transform manufacturing businesses must rethink how they handle everything from automation strategies to workforce development. To be successful, Manufacturers need modernized tools and flexible, robust enterprise resource planning systems as a data and transactional backbone. In addition, cybercrime presents a significant threat that must be managed and monitored to protect data, employees and business continuity.

Tekscape will teach attendees:

  • How manufacturing businesses must rethink how they operate today – from automation strategies to workforce development.
  • How modernized tools and flexible, robust enterprise resource planning systems as a data and transactional backbone can drive operational strategies and business success.
  • How cybercrime is a threat to your business and the tools you need right now for data management and monitoring to protect data, employees, and business continuity.

Tekscape leverages a layered approach to IoT, digital transformation and cybersecurity all while providing best-in-class solutions. This expertise helps manufacturers to successfully navigate today’s challenges, improve efficiencies, increase output, reduce downtime, stay protected and thus achieve best outcomes.

Industry Insights: Universal Engraving, Inc.

Industry Insights: KURZ

Jun 23, 2020

Industry Insights from Universal Engraving, Inc.: Ross Hutchison discusses resiliency and strength in print finishing.

Jun 23, 2020

Industry Insights from KURZ: Myron Werner looks ahead as the industry recovers from the recent economic upheaval.

Industry Insights: Duplo USA

Working Through Challenges with Today’s Paper Stocks and Coatings

Jun 23, 2020

Industry Insights from Duplo USA: Rick Salinas talks about opportunities and innovative thinking over the next several months.

Sep 18, 2020​

Leaders: Greg Faddis, Universal Engraving, Inc.; Sean Hurley, MCD, Incorporated; Dave Leyrer, SunDance; Derrick Unger, BOBST Using the correct paper stocks and/or coatings can be the difference between a successful or failed project. This workshop will discuss the importance of pre-planning and provide tips on how to successfully implement a program to best work with challenging paper stocks and coatings.

The R&D Tax Credit

Sustainability in the Print Industry

Sep 18, 2020

Speaker: Michael Devereux, Mueller Prost The R&D tax credit rewards companies that invest resources in innovation, product development, process and technique development, new materials or resins, and process development/improvement. In addition to federal tax savings, several states have a similar program.

Sep 18, 2020​

Keynote: Gary Jones, PRINTING United Alliance The call for sustainable products and manufacturing practices has reached a fever pitch – and will only grow louder. Gary Jones will help to define what sustainability means to those in the print industry, discuss consumer demands and define regulatory influences that are shaping the current landscape.

Digital Decorating – Where Does it Fit and Where is It Going

Grow Your Business Promoting Foil and Finishing

Sep 18, 2020​

Leaders: Rick Salinas, Duplo USA; Myron Werner, KURZ USA; Christine Yardley, Print Panther In print embellishment, the industry buzz is focused on the use of digital foiling and digital spot and specialty coatings. In this workshop, the panelists will share where they have seen increased demand for the process, how they have marketed it and where they see the market for it in the future.

Sep 18, 2020​

Leaders: David Hutchison, BrightMARKS; Phil Blalock, Art Laminating; Jeff Peterson, FSEA What is the most effective way to show printers, designers and print buyers what types of print embellishments are available? A panel will share their experiences in marketing to print customers to encourage the use of print decorating techniques and increase profit.

The Impact of Cold Foil on the Embellishment Landscape

We're Here for You! Benefits of FSEA Membership

Sep 18, 2020​

Leaders: Stefan Congram, Cartamundi; Mike King, Eagle Systems; Tim Cain, Breit Technologies This workshop will provide information on the growing market for cold foil and Cast & Cure, discuss where these processes fit best in the marketplace, and explain how they can work together with the more traditional processes of hot foil stamping and embossing.

June 14, 2020

A Conversation with Greg Greenwald, president of the FSEA Board of Directors and director of sales for Lander Binding and Finishing Today, more than ever, it’s critical that the industry shares its strength to make each print finishing and binding company a success. The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) is the only association focused specifically on print decorating, finishing and binding.

Sustainability Meets Print Decorating

Recruiting Your Next Generation Workforce

Sep 18, 2020​

Leaders: Calvin Frost, Channeled Resources; Jeff Peterson, Foil & Specialty Effects Association Is a greeting card decorated with foil recyclable? What chemicals are used in coatings? What can be done with foil waste? This session will help you answer questions from customers and assure them that print embellishments can be an environmentally friendly choice.

June 14, 2020

Keynote: Shelly Otenbaker, WayPoint Marketing Communications Marketing is not exclusively for business development. In reality, a company’s marketing activities are one of the most effective tools in talent retention and acquisition. Shelly Otenbaker will share current HR marketing trends and best practices used to attract the next generation workforce.