MGi 3D UV + iFoil 20x42 Inch

Year of Installation
December 2014
Produced FSEA Digital Embellishment Silver Award
Winning Job in 2015
UV Machine Mileage
13 7 KM
Repairs Required
July 2023
[email protected]

More information:

Used Machinery

1998 Tuenkers 1100 Sheet Laminating Machine

Excellent condition. Offering a 30 year experienced
technician for installation and training. Specs include maximum sheet of 45 x
57”, minimum sheet of 15 x 12”.  Register is to 1/32 “ +/-.   Floor
space is +/- 5 x 31 feet.  Pile height is normally 34” perhaps more
depending upon delivery stacker arrangement.

Phots and video available. Job lengths have grown with this
machine and now a fully automatic machine is warranted. Pricing and
availability are readily available.

For further details and pricing, contact:


Nelson Stevens
Finisher’s Exchange, LLC.
Email:[email protected]



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For Sale

Used Datron M8 For Sale

Used Datron M8 For Sale

We purchased this machine new in 2018 and it was used very little for approximately 1.5 years.

Our fabrication department was shut down due to COVID and some unexpected illness with our operator.

We purchased this machine for a little over $300,000 and are trying to recover as much as we can. Are asking price is $250,000 + the buyer is responsible for rigging and transportation.  I have a company that we have used several times in the last 6 months that I could arrange this with.

For more information, email [email protected].