Specialty UV Coating

UV coatings, both spot and flood, have been a popular choice for adding a protective shine to all types of printed materials. Recently, extensions to standard UV have surfaced, providing more choices to enhance the printed sheet. Those include specialty glitter UV coatings, which have a major advantage over other glitter process in that the glitter is cured within the coating and does not allow the residue of the glitter to be easily removed or rubbed off. There also are specialty raised or profile UV coatings that can add a texture or embossed look to the printed image. Thermochromic (color changing), pearlescent, scratch-off, and glow-in-the-dark UV coating’s are available as well. Specialty UV Coatings are most commonly applied by a screen UV coating press or through a digital enhancement press where the coatings can be raised and applied through a digital inkjet process.