FSEA at Work for YOU!

Dear FSEA Members:
As environmental sustainability and responsibility continue to be hot topics in the graphics industry, the FSEA’s recent report on the recyclability and repulpability of foil-decorated paper and board (compiled by third-party research firm Pira International) is proving to be a valuable tool in gaining some serious momentum in the graphic arts and packaging communities at large.

Recently, in Package Design magazine’s ‘Sustainability Update’, an article was published that supports the findings of the FSEA’s Pira report that confirms the recyclability of products decorated by the traditional hot stamp and new cold foil processes. In the article, author Wendy Jedlicka, CPP, Jedlicka Design Ltd., a long-standing proponent of sustainable graphic design reports:

Repulping facilities that use centrifugal cleaners (hydrocyclones) to better remove all types of adhesives, laminates, bindery remnants, and labels – a process used in many markets – have little problem removing selectively applied foils. (Read the entire article here.)

Jedlicka is an IoPP-certified packaging professional with over 20 years of packaging and print experience, providing design and business strategies to clients such as 3M, Target, and Hormel. She not only writes the attached regular feature article but also, is the contributing editor for two books on sustainable graphic design (Wiley Publishing), and is regularly tapped to speak on eco-packaging and print design, as well as a variety of sustainable design and business issues.

Her recognition of the Pira report and its findings is a significant step forward for the print finishing industry as we continue to educate and spread the word on foil recyclability to designers. OEMs, and brand managers!

Further proof of the power of the foil recyclability study to attract and retain new environmentally conscious customers is evidenced in the attached testimonial from Gryphon Graphics, Inc. Through the use of the Pira Report (and Pira’s Statement of Credentials), Gryphon Graphics was able to beat out two other local, non-FSEA member companies in securing its largest foil stamping job to date. (Read the complete story.)

Moving forward, we are working with a special team to develop a pilot program addressing the issue of foil waste, as well as other important green topics as they relate to foil sustainability issues. The FSEA continues to move forward with our green initiatives program and invites all our members to join us in this most important venture. Education is a powerful tool and together, we can spread the green word on foil!

The Pira Report on the recyclability of foil-decorated paper/board and Pira’s Statement of Credentials are available through the FSEA. Call (785) 271-5816 or email [email protected].

Jeff Peterson
Executive Director, FSEA