Since November 2012, the Foil & Specialty Effects Association Board of Directors has embarked on a letter-writing and email campaign, reaching out to industry peers to demonstrate the value association membership has provided their businesses. As a result of the collective effort, 16 companies have joined the FSEA.

Jeff Peterson, FSEA executive director; Brad Van Leeuwen, FSEA past-president and president of Trade Print Finishing in Salt Lake City, UT; Mark Baugh, president of D.E. Baugh in Indianapolis, IN; and Greg Greenwald, president of Scarab Printing Arts in St. Charles, MO, worked to attract company executives who were focused on improvement and understood the need to actively benchmark their operations.

Van Leeuwen shared his business strategy for networking in one letter. “It’s literally impossible to know everything there is to know in new technologies and trends to keep a business competitive,” he wrote. “The larger your business network, the more opportunity a company has at ensuring it’s doing the things necessary to stay in the upper echelon!”

By using FSEA as a networking vehicle, Van Leeuwen’s organization has landed new opportunities due to its unique capabilities, found new and proven technology resources and gained access to a national network of like businesses, “which helps when we need to outsource jobs to other shops or when we need help in locating repair parts or material,” he said.

Baugh relayed in two emails that companies show a bottom-line return on investment many times over from being FSEA members, results that are common throughout the organization.

On behalf of the FSEA Board of Directors, please welcome the following new members: