Eagle Systems, Inc., Ocean, NJ, has recently completed testing intended to provide data on the repulpability and recyclability of cold foil decorated paper/board. Eagle Systems funded the testing through Western Michigan University. The test results showed that cold foil decorated paper/board is 100% repulpable and recyclable.

The cold foil samples used in the testing process were donated by McLean Packaging Corporation, Moorestown, NJ. The samples were produced on a thin, 80# litho stock with 100% coverage of cold foil on a 28” x 40” sheet.

“We purposely chose a thin litho stock commonly used in the cold foil process for the testing, and it passed with flying colors,” stated Eagle Systems President Mike King. “Through using a stock so thin, anything thicker would actually create even better results, so it was exciting to receive back such a positive test.”

The testing also confirmed the extremely small amount of aluminum that exists in cold foil or any decorative transfer foil, which helps negate concerns with metal content in foil decorated paper/board. “We are very happy with the testing results and will be distributing it to customers and others in the industry,” concluded King.

To receive a copy of the Western Michigan University test results on cold foil recyclability/repulpability, contact Eagle Systems, Inc. at [email protected].