Design Guide from American Forest & Paper Association Includes FSEA Information on Repulpability of Foil Decorated Paper

Topeka, Kansas — The American Forest & Paper Association’s (AF&PA) Design Guidance for Recyclability of Paper-based Packaging has been recently introduced for members of the paper-based packaging manufacturing supply chain to use in designing and manufacturing packaging to meet customers’ needs in terms of recycling. The new report includes information from the Foil & Specialty […]

Eagle Systems Releases New Study on Cold Foil Repulpability and Recyclability

Eagle Systems, Inc., Ocean, NJ, has recently completed testing intended to provide data on the repulpability and recyclability of cold foil decorated paper/board. Eagle Systems funded the testing through Western Michigan University. The test results showed that cold foil decorated paper/board is 100% repulpable and recyclable. The cold foil samples used in the testing process […]

FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award 2004 Recipient: Glenn Hutchison

A Man of Vision Foil & Specialty Effects Association It all started in 1963 in Dallas, TX (where Hutchison was born and raised). Hutchison was asked to do a business associate, and friend, a favor by picking up a Franklin sales manager from the airport and entertaining him in his absence. That friend was Vance […]

2006 FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient – Tom Cullen

A Guiding Light by Kym Conis Foil & Specialty Effects Association From successful trade entrepreneur to one of the guiding lights that provided direction to an association in need, Tom Cullen was a pioneer in an industry that had yet to realize the true impact of its combined strength. Through his leadership and unrelenting courage […]

FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 Recipient: John Tinnon

Pioneering Territories Unknown by Kym Conis Foil & Specialty Effects Association Perfecting a craft can be a powerful first step towards success. Applying the right business strategies to mold that craft into a thriving finishing operation is more powerful yet. Combine the two with an indomitable spirit unafraid to set the industry bar – time […]

A Lifetime of Customers, Generations of Friend – 2008

FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Fred Isler Reneé Varella Foil & Specialty Effects Association When someone has been in the foil stamping and embossing industry for close to 50 years, you’d think taking it easy would be a top priority. Not for Alfred ‘Fred’ Isler, an industry veteran who passed the 45-year milestone at Bobst […]

FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 Recipient: Ed Hughes

A Journey of Knowledge FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 Recipient: Ed Hughes by Kym Conis Foil & Specialty Effects Association The transfer of knowledge is a powerful tool, particularly when driven by passion and skill. For industry veteran and master engraver Ed Hughes, sharing knowledge has been a joyful role, rather than one of responsibility […]

FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 Recipient Harry Voss

It’s All About the Sizzle FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Harry Voss by Amy Bauer Foil & Specialty Effects Association Diamond Packaging celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, and for 42 of those years, Harry Voss was the force propelling the company forward. As president and CEO of the Rochester, NY packager, the now-retired Voss […]

Cultivating Leadership – 2016 FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Mike Graf

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), announced Mike Graf of Letterhead Press, Inc. (LPI), New Berlin, Wisconsin, as the recipient of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Upon receiving his award at the FSEA National Conference in April, Graf attributed much of his company’s growth to the people who have stood by his side at […]

2018 FSEA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Nelson Stevens

by Katy Ibsen, managing editor, PostPress In April, the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA), honored Nelson Stevens, of Finisher’s Exchange, LLC., Grove, Illinois, as the recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. Much of Stevens’ career has been on the forefront of the finishing industry, being an integral part of the growth for major international […]